ashboard is one of the main feature of Our Gym Management Application. The application facilitates a Dashboard in the Main Box so that you can quickly access lots of general information regarding your GYM. Dashboard holds information like "Total Number Of Members In Your GYM", "Number Of Enquiries", "Birthday/Anniversary Of Any Candidate", "Expanses", "Due Pending", "Member Details" and many more.

As we know about the dashboard of our vehicles, shows the information about on what speed it is walking, how much kilometers it has been walked, number of rotations of vehicle and etc likewise.

In the similar way, Dashboard being the home page of our GYM Software Tool, gives you a view of general information about your gym as "Total number of members in your GYM","Total number and details of inquiries","New members and their details", "Due Pending" etc.

So, removing space for any type of confusing option, the application goes smoothly, as lots of information is there to access over the dashboard. We want our GYM Management Software to be simple and to provide ease to work on it. So, Dashboard is an option as a tool to do so.